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Bass Profiles ChopTones

Kemper Bass players don't get mad, Kemper isn't just for guitarist. You can browse our selection of bass heads, preamps and combos to enjoy the great KPA tone and versatility. Fend Bass 50 Bass Pack Kemper Profiles

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News Kemper Amps

Head KEMPER™ have just released the Bass Pack II. This contains over 70 PROFILE™s of popular bass amplifiers and preamps. This pack gives you access to a large range of sounds: from the totally clean tones of channel strips, over pleasantly saturating amplifiers, all the way to the unique fuzz of a Sunn® 300T® head. Created with the help of

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Jesse Phillips Kemper Bass Profile Pack Runway Audio

Jesse Jesse Phillips Kemper Bass Profile Pack. $35.00. These profiles were created with our friend and Nashville bassist Jesse Phillips. The amp used was the Aguilar db750 tuned to Jesse’s favorite settings. These were created in a studio with many different microphones and preamps. With our profiles, you can get the tone of a cranked 8x10 cab with

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Profiler For Bass Players Kemper Profiler Forum

2021 Samuel666. Jan 30th 2021. Introducing my new bass profiles - HI-WATT 200 + EDEN + pedals! {IJL KEMPER BASS PACK} 1. +4. IljaJohnLappin. Jan 22nd 2021.

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RockProfiles Kemper Profiles For Bass

Oriented Our line of Bass rock oriented profiles for your Kemper

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Best Kemper Bass Profile Pack

(8x10 Best Kemper Bass Profile Pack. I couldn't find what I desired in KPA bass rigs, so I made my own. Clips in process.53 profiles! DI and studio (8x10, 4x10) Motor City Mods — KPA Profiles by Mattfig. Share Reply Quote. 17th June 2018 #2.

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Will's Will Putney has joined forces with STL Tones to create his own personal Producer Bass Kemper Pack. Using many of Will's go to bass amp/cab/pedal setups, this signature collection showcases virtually all of Will's different bass recording setups. Will's personal bundle contains a total of 50 studio profiles. Preset info sheet.

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Kemper Bass Pack Hertz Recording Kemper Profiles Shop

Sounds Kemper Bass Pack. € 34,99. 28 custom Kemper bass sounds made by Wojtek Wieslawski at Hertz Recording Studio. All profiles were made on a Neve console, with the top bass equipment (EBS, Ampeq, Darkglass, Api, Sansamp, Mxr) Includes: 8 clean sounds. 12 crunch sounds. 8 drive sounds. for all types of bass users.

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Official Tone Junkie Store

Favorite New Release The Rock Pack Kemper Profile Pack Vol. 1 features 40 NEW profiles from the Tone Junkie catalog. After the great feedback we received from the SOLD 100 Pack we built some incredible rock tones from our catalog using some of our favorite cabs, IRs, Direct Profiles etc. and reworked some of our favorite creations with tighter bass and searing highs for some …

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RockProfiles Kemper Profiles

Rock THE MISSION. As rock guitar players, we're used to punchy low end and an healthy dose of screaming mid/highs, necessary to cut through modern mixes, full of doubled guitars and powerful , sample reinforced drums. No matter if you play Rock, Hard Rock, A.O.R or Metal, the guitar needs that "in your face" sound.

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MM Kemper Profiles Professional Studio Kemper Profiles

Profiles BASS PROFILE. Ampeg PF-350 Profile Pack All amps, stomp box brands, and artist are trademarked by owners and are in no way affiliated with M-M Kemper Profiles. You are purchasing a license to use these profiles for your own personal and/or professional use but profiles are not for resale or any other unlicensed distribution, free or

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Kemper Profiler – The Bass Gallery

Product Kemper Profiler. £1,100.00. Quantity. Tweet. Product Details. Reviews. View More. Product Type Unknown Type; Brand: The Bass Gallery; About. Established in 1992 The Gallery – Bass Merchant has grown to become one of the most important places for all things bass. We pride ourselves in providing the widest range of new, used and vintage

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The Best Kemper Profiles Store ReampZone

Kemper Victory Super Kraken (VX100) Kemper Profiles. $15.00. Checkout Added to cart. by ReampZone. Mega Boost Kemper Profiles. $10.00. Checkout Added to cart. by ReampZone. Marshall JCM 800 2210 (1983) Kemper Profiles.

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Best Kemper Profiles [2022] Killer Guitar Rigs

High-gain If you are in need of some monstrous high-gain tones for your Kemper, Josh’s JTM Heavy Bundles 1, 2, and 3 are without a doubt some of the best available. They contain a wide variety of profiles from all your high-gain favorites including the Peavey 6505 and 5150, the Krank Revolution, and the Mesa Boogie Rectifier.

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Favorite Kemper Profiles For Bass? Ultimate Metal

(free 6. Trophy Points: 18. Location: Boston, MA. really loving the kemper lately for tracking bass and i especially like the idea of a mix ready tone with grit+body instead of using 2-3 tracks. what profiles (free or not) are your favorites? #1 cfh11, Apr 24, 2014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kemper just for guitar players?

Bass players don't get mad, Kemper isn't just for guitarist. You can browse our selection of bass heads, preamps and combos to enjoy the great KPA tone and versatility.

How many direct amp profiles does the kemper profiler amp have?

All our direct amp models for the Kemper Profiler Amp can now be purchased in one flat fee (1117 profiles in total thus far). You'll receive all our direct profiles made for 54 amps by ReampZone and furthermore, all updates are free!

What profiles are in the kemper sound pack?

The original pack boasting the classic “Butterfly” and “Chimer” profiles, has become a classic in the Kemper community. The Bend Sun 2 pack features 50+ studio profiles and 12 direct profiles of the new “Ear Hard” and “My Cousin” profile sets! The M Pack from Tone Junkie contains profiles of 4 amps and 5 different amp/speaker combinations.

What is the string singer kemper profile pack?

The String Singer Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the tone of one of the most iconic circuits in the world…. It’s that huge 10 ton clean tone, pushed into levels of harmonic saturation made famous by Stevie John, etc.. This circuit was created from a circuit trace of SSS Serial #2 now owned by JM.

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